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Simple. That's it, really. 

No alcohols to dry you out. No gunk to hold you down. No perfumy BS... Ew...

Scooter's Beard Oil contains simple, natural ingredients - Apricot Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Tea Tree Oil, & Lavender Oil. 

Want the breakdown on why these make Scooter's Beard Oil so awesome? 
Apricot Oil - A great source of essential fatty acids (gives you that rich shine without the grease), stimulates blood flow (grow that beast to it's full potential), promotes pain relief & helps with inflammation (in case of any "oopsies" during trimming), and even has been rumored to help prevent hair loss.
Vitamin E Oil - Prevents dry or split ends, stimulates blood flow, and adds shine!
Cedarwood OIl - A clarifying oil, which means that it helps clean your beard. It attributes to the woodsy scent, and inspires confidence helping your inner manliest of mans to shine through. Watch out ladies! 
Tea Tree Oil - Antimicrobial is the main purpose of this bad boy! You want to be clean & kissable, right? 
Lavender Oil - Just enough to be soothing, calming, revitalizing, and promote healthy hair growth, but not enough to smell like your grandma's bathroom. Promise. 

Sold in 4 oz amber pump bottles. We don't water any of our products down. So, a little goes a long way! Just a squirt on your palm, rub your hands together, and then rub through your beard. Boom. Done. LEGENDARY. 

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