Show Cost Calculator Spreadsheet

Francie Drescher's Simple Show Cost Calculator w/ Bonus Merch Profit Section

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I've gotten numerous requests for the spreadsheet I created to help quickly calculate profit margins for booking. As a singer/songwriter that books their own shows, it can be crucial to be able to make quick judgment calls on whether you should accept a venues budget or not. This spreadsheet you can simply enter the distance to the show, current gas price, and mileage for your gas cost, estimated hotel cost (if necessary), factor in your marketing cost (if necessary), venue budget, and if your show will be split with anyone else (in case of a song swap or additional player with an even split). I also included my little side chart that simply subtracts the cost of your merch item from the amount you charge so you can easily see which merch items you should push more based on profit margins.


It comes locked except for editable cells. However, you can unlock it with password "frootfarm" to customize this how you would like!