About Us

Welcome to the Froot Farm!  
I'm Francie! I am a singer/songwriter, writer, photographer, graphic designer, editor, and all around creative soul. Froot Farm began as a a play on my husband and my's names (Francie + Scoot = Froot) and our little farm of critters. I love creating things and sharing them, and hopefully you will find something that you enjoy! I love doing custom projects or products, as well. So, if you have anything floating around in your imagination, please reach out and I would love to help make your dream project a reality. 
We specialize in vinyl cutting stickers, tshirts, clothing, headbands, and many other products, along with hand crafted jewelry, health and beauty products, and our locally famous beard oil! 
Reach out to me at info@frootfarm.net for custom or bulk ordering! You can contact me there with any questions regarding items as well!