About Us

Welcome to the Froot Farm!  
I'm Francie! I am a singer/songwriter, writer, photographer, graphic designer, editor, and all around creative soul. I began Froot Farm (Froot = Francie + Scoot, a play on my & my boyfriend's names that my little sister came up with that stuck!) on a whim as Wild Creations, after lot's of Pinterest-ing, and deciding to make a few pieces of my own jewelry. I have been making my own health and beauty, cleaning products, and candles for the last few years. I decided to share my products with the world, and help fund my adventures! 
I travel currently all around the Central and Southern United States playing shows as a singer/songwriter. As I am travelling, I find inspiration in all of the different scenery and cultures for my various creative outlets. The majority of the gemstones that I utilize in my jewelry are picked up from various rock shops and hand picked by me! 
I hand make every item, from scratch, and with the most organic and quality materials I can come across. All of my jewelry is made with hypoallergenic materials as well. I love doing custom orders, and am available for bulk ordering as well. We are still transitioning from Wild Creations to Froot Farm, but all of the products will remain the same, if not get better!

Reach out to me at info@frootfarm.net for custom or bulk ordering! You can contact me there with any questions regarding items as well!